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Alanya Sunset Boat Tour - Adventure and Entertainment

Alanya Sunset Boat Tour - Discover the beauty of Alanya Castle with the colors in the sky with Alanya Sunset Boat Tour and enjoy the sea.

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  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦For families with children
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    Tr, En, De, Ru
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  • ⏳Tour Duration
    6 Saat
  • 📅Tour Days
    Monday - Friday
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Alanya Sunset Boat Tour with Dinner and Drinks is one of the best things to do when visiting the beautiful seaside city of Alanya, Turkey. Alanya  is to go on a boat trip. This unique experience will give you the chance to relax, enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean and get to know the city from a different perspective.Alanya Sunset Boat Tour

Alanya Sunset Boat Tour Duration:

Alanya Boat Tours usually take 4-5 hours. It is held from late afternoon to evening to watch the sunset. The tour usually starts at the port where you can admire the views of the city skyline, the colorful Pirate Boats and the beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean. The tour will continue along the coastline where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of beaches and coves, as well as views of ancient castles and forts.

Recreational Boat Feature:

The most important feature of Alanya Travel Boat is watching the sun set over the Mediterranean. It is a magical experience and will remain a memory you will never forget. The vibrant colors of the sun setting over the sea and the serenity of the moment are a beautiful sight to behold. Maybe you will come to see this view every year.

Pirate Boat Trip: Cultural Heritage!

The Pirate Ship Tour also offers a great opportunity to learn more about the city and its history. During the tour you will be able to learn about the local culture and different parts of the city. You will also see unique and interesting sights such as the Red Tower, Damlataş Cave and Alanya Castle.

Dinner on the Boat in Alanya: Food and DrinksAlanya Sunset Boat Tour - Dinner

During the tour , you will have the chance to have Dinner on the Boat with the meals and drinks offered and try the delicious local dishes of Alanya. You can enjoy a traditional Turkish dinner completed. Enjoy the flavors of the region by taking a rest and lunch break for your never-ending entertainment this evening.

Events and Shows

 Here's what you need to know about  events and shows.

One of the best choices for a unique and unforgettable experience: Alanya Pirate Themed Boat Tour with Dinner and Drinks will be great. You will enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean, relax and experience the beauty of the city and learn more about its history. This is an experience you will never forget.

Pirate Boat Ship Features

Various entertainment activities are organized throughout the tour on the Large deck of the Pirate Boat Ship, sunbathing areas and the special area reserved for animation. Especially ideal for families and children. dance performances, open buffet lunch and unlimited beverage service are standard features of the tour.

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