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Alanya Buggy Safari Tour - Reservation

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour 2023: Have an off-road adventure in the forest! Explore with Quad, read reviews, get advice and accumulate unforgettable memories.

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  • 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦For families with children
  • 🗣Guide Languages
    Tr, En, De, Ru
  • 📅Tour Days
  • 🚌Pick Up Time
    08:50 - 13:45 - 16:30
  • ⏳Tour Duration
    3,5 Hours
  • 💶1 Person Fee

Welcome to our Alanya Buggy Safari Tour reservation page! Are you ready for an off-road forest adventure? You are in the right place to explore nature with a Quad driving experience.

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour: Overview

The Alanya buggy safari tour that we organize as Alanya Best Trips, is an action-packed and adrenaline-filled tour on the Alanya off-road paths in a great natural environment with interesting and safely modified off-road vehicles, buggies. The Buggy safari tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and we have buggy vehicles designed for two, three, and four people.

Our guests can prefer to drive a buggy vehicle alone, or more people can share a buggy vehicle up to 2 people by paying a little extra per person. It is quite easy to use the Safari Atv vehicles in Alanya, and there is no need for a driving license or any previous experience for driving.

During the Atv Safari Tour, we have swimming in the river and various rest breaks. Children under the age of 12 can join our safari tour by riding next to adults. Enjoy a fun-filled drive on dusty and muddy roads through pine trees in the rural Turks region of Alanya. Don't forget to join the Alanya Atv tour where you will experience a great excitement and action-filled experience during your Alanya vacation.

Off-Road ATV Alanya's Best Adventure Tour

The Alanya buggy safari is held 3 times a day:

Group Pick Up Time Return Time
Morning Group 09:00 13:00
Lunch Group 14:00 18:00
Evening Group 16:00 20:00

Alanya Buggy Safari Tour Program:

  1. Pick-up from hotels/apartments in and around Alanya
  2. Arrival at our land where our buggy station is located
  3. Information on how to use and safety Buggys by our professional guides and instructors
  4. A short training and test drive
  5. Buggy safari on off-road roads and jungle
  6. rest break
  7. Swimming break (optional)
  8. Drop off at hotels / apartments in and around Alanya

Quad Ride: Safety and Equipment

While quad riding offers an experience full of adrenaline and fun, safety and the use of the right equipment are of paramount importance. In Alanya buggy safari tour, we pay attention to the following in order to ensure your safety and provide you with a pleasant experience:

  • Safety briefing: Before starting the tour, our professional guides and instructors will give you important information on how to use quads and safety.
  • Test drive: A short training and test drive is carried out so that you can ride the Quads comfortably and safely.
  • Road conditions: Our guides will help you while quad driving on off-road roads and in the forest, taking into account difficult road conditions and appropriate speed limits.
  • Age restriction: There is an age limit for quad riding. Drivers must be at least 16 years old, while children under 12 may ride the quad under adult supervision.
  • Necessary equipment: Helmets, goggles and other protective equipment are provided for your safety. It is important to use these equipment correctly.
  • Emergencies: Our tour guides and instructors are trained and equipped for possible emergencies. They can intervene quickly and effectively when necessary.

Thus, you can have a safe and unforgettable quad driving experience in Alanya buggy safari tour.

Buggy Tour Reservation

When booking to join the Alanya buggy safari tour, consider the following information and pricing options:

  1. Group selection: You can join one of the morning, lunch or evening groups by choosing one of the tours organized 3 times a day. The pick-up and return times of each group are different.
  2. Buggy selection: We have buggy vehicles designed for two, three and four people. You can choose to drive a buggy as a single person or more people can share a buggy with up to 4 people, each person paying a little extra.
  3. Age restriction: Riders must be at least 12 years old, while children under 12 can ride the quad under adult supervision.

Alanya Buggy Safari Prices

Prices may vary depending on the buggy vehicle you choose and the number of groups. Determine a suitable option by examining the table below:

Alanya Buggy Safari Price 35€

Check this information during the reservation and determine a suitable option. Additional services such as optional swimming breaks are offered during the tour. Pay attention to the prices of these services during the reservation.

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Alanya Buggy Safari Tour is an activity highly appreciated and recommended by the participants. Here are some real user reviews and advice:

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